Save Money on your 1300 Number

Man on 1300 Number PricingI was just reading an article talking about how they are planning to petition to make Mobile phone carriers change the rules surrounding the call charges for the so called free call 1800 services in Australia.

Now you can through using phone names/words. Most people coming into contact with your company would have done so as they saw your phone name advertised in the paper, on a bill board, banner or even by word of mouth.

A public list is issued to every telecommunications company in Australia, generally once a week, although it can be obtained as frequently as the company likes to update it really. Make a point of asking for the absolute current list from your chosen supplier. The benefit of this public list is that they come free of charge. That is, you do not have to pay anything to choose the number. You would simply go through the list and choose the number that you want (most companies will ask that you select 4 or 5 numbers in order of preference and they will obtain the highest preference for you).

Caller ID information This information will automatically come through to your compatible handset. You will also be able to view the Caller ID history in your customer login area, or on your invoice.
The best thing with 1300 / 1800 numbers is that you can have them diverted to any numbers. i.e if you move, you wont have to change all your website/marketing related documents and do any phone diversion etc. You can also have the 1300/1800 number divert to several land line / mobile numbers allowing more clients to get through to you.

Well this is just a brief write up of some of the things I have identified for myself, imagine what doing this across the board for all your employees would help your bottom line.
So that is basic round up of choosing a number, depending on your business cash flow and model.
IVR: An interactive voice response system is another popular VoIP service for businesses because it makes it easy for the customer to get routed to the right department in your company without having to talk to a person.
We strongly recommends that you buy your 1300 Number if possible. Your business phone number is an essential part of your businesss branding and communications success. Therefore, its important to have the same level of control over your 1300 Number as you do over your businesss web site domain name.
If it is available, complete the registration form so that you can bid for your number.

Apply for your chosen number, and then nominate for it to be added to a future auction. Note that as part of the application, you will be asked to nominate a carrier from the list. This is required only for registration purposes and you are not locked in to using that carrier.
On auction day, keep an eye on the auction in case anyone decides to bid against you for your chosen number.

How 1300 Numbers can be seen as an Investment

1300 numbers in australiaYou may not realize that your particular 1300 number could be making you money months down the line. An example of this would the closed-envelope auction that took place on the word taxi just over three years ago that sold for a cool $1 million. A recent bid on the same phone word outstripped this previous record. That is truly amazing to think that 1300 numbers can be seen as an investment.

It might be even better to ensure your phone number names follow 1300, 1800 and 13 numbers when doing business in Australia. You would be able to eliminate any confusion with your customers this way. Should they forget to phone 1300, and dial 1800 instead followed by your business name, then they may very well get to do business with someone else who offers the same services as you do.

Precisely why do firms use these numbers?, One of the key reasons that small companies employ 1300 numbers is to appear credible and honest.

1300 numbers cover potentially the whole of Australia because they exploit the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) thus their coverage is not hampered by the structural hindrances that the conventional phone numbers face. You can call them from anywhere in Australia from a landline and you will incur no routing charges and no call cost or a rather insignificant call charges.

Businesses who invest in either 1300 or 1800 phonewords are more likely to receive a call than companies who still make use of phone numbers. This is why it would make perfect sense to contact companies like this one who have a range of 1800 and 1300 phone words for sale. Not only will it dynamically grow your business, but using either 1800 or 1300 phonewords will mean that you can be contacted anywhere in Australia as the these numbers are not limited to a specific landline. Isn’t it time you bring about positive change and opt for customized phone words for sale offered by businesses such as this site?

For example when a prospect arrives at your homepage from Victoria they are shown a local Chadstone telephone number and if they visit your website from Queensland they are shown a local Springwood telephone number.

According to reputable resources, Australian small business owners can expect a 290% increase in their response rate when using phone number names. That is easily three times your standard response rate.

Calls can be Routed, As most 1300/13 numbers in Australia are handled over high-speed VoIP networks, they can be routed. This allows you to have one main phone number to market. You can actually do quite a bit more with 13/1300 numbers in Australia, which really makes them a value.

You could easily use this information to increase the success of your future marketing activities.

An 1800 number costs nothing for the customer from any area other than mobiles. The owner of the service pays for the telephone call.

These numbers have really good repeating patterns or more than one pair of repeated digits (for example 1300 88 00 06). These numbers are very easy to remember, so tend to get snapped up quickly when we list them on our site. These numbers have at least one pair of repeated digits or simple repeating patterns (for example 1300 799 948). These numbers are easier to remember than regular numbers, but theyre not quite as good as the platinum ones.

Market research has confirmed that Australians prefer using the phone to connect to their service providers or product manufacturers.

Living the Choice of an Efficient 1300 Number for Business

Toll free numbers are normally utilized for marketing and advertising to monitor and measure the success of advertising activities. These phone numbers can also be used as customer service and support numbers to keep track of and manage client contact.

1300 phone numbers were not available until the recent introduction of the new numbering plan and are local rate numbers or smart phone numbers and work within larger areas unlike other numbers so they potentially cover the whole of Australia. Due to this feature unique to them, they incur lower or no routing call charges unlike other phone numbers.

Increased Portability: Because these numbers aren’t dependent on a specific phone line, you can always change the location of your offices without worrying about disconnecting from your clientele. Another plus point of this is that you wont have to spend thousands of dollars on new ads just to display your new number.

A lot of the functions may be used in unison, presenting users with a comprehensive strategy for handling their inbound calls.

13/1300 Numbers in Australia for Better Business, As the national broadband network is installed across Australia, more and more people are going to want to take advantage of the benefits of VoIP services like 1300/13 numbers. Here are some reasons you should consider making the switch for your business.

How long does it take for them to answer the phone (and how long do you have to stay on hold before you can talk to anyone)? Do they take the time to listen to you and understand your questions? Is the person taking your call knowledgeable enough that theyre able to assist you? Or does your call get transferred (often multiple times)? Are they helpful and courteous? Would you be happy to call again?

1300 numbers in australiaMoreover, nowadays, businesses realize the acumen that goes into the choice of a good number, resulting in easy, convenient numbers being taken up from the market much faster. Thus, making the right decision regarding your choice of a 1300 number and ensuring that you do it quickly is crucial. Once you know the significance of choosing the right 1300 number for your business, it is necessary to know about the two types of 1300 numbers available and the major differences between the two types, which are delineated below.

You would be able to tell exactly how you are receiving the majority of your telephone calls, and combine it with sales stats work out exactly how much each lead per advertising medium is costing you. That is vital information.

You could easily use this information to increase the success of your future marketing activities.

Making a Decision, Even though price is important, its equally important to have a reliable and flexible service that is backed up by good customer support. Its also a good idea to look for a telco that has achieved TCP Code Compliance. This is an industry standard that aims to ensure the protection of consumer rights and promote good customer service and fair outcomes for customers. It tells you that youre dealing with a compliant and transparent telco. And just in case you make a mistake the first time around, look for a telco that offers portable services and doesnt lock you in for long-term contracts. Remember that your telco provider should help you to GROW your business, not to slow your business!

The normal 1300 service can be configured to ring your mobile, your home phone or skype number. If you don’t answer it in time, lets say 15 seconds, we will overflow the call through to your dedicated Live Answering Service. The trained operator will greet the caller using a greeting configured by you, then proceed to take down a name, number and brief message. Once all the details have been collected, we will email and SMS the message through to you to action as soon as you can.

The business sector has an increasing demand for virtual numbers as these can accommodate growth and downsizing more effectively.

Why Business Needs 1300 Number in Australia

I was just reading an article talking about how they are planning to petition to make Mobile phone carriers change the rules surrounding the call charges for the so called free call 1800 services in Australia.

You’re convinced! You’ve decided that your business NEEDS a 1300 Number cheap 1300 numbers.

These are the main advantages you can get with a 1300 number. If they sound too tempting to you, consider contacting your local 1300 numbers provider for a package that best suits your needs.

There are only limited numbers of mobile towers throughout Australia so the best you can do is large areas covered by a mobile tower. Thus, if a franchise has multiple branches in the same area covered by just one mobile tower, you have a problem. Fixed line callers calling your 1300 or 1800 number are different, because a telco can route every Telstra Exchange to its own answer point, and there are 1000′s of Telstra Exchanges. Fixed lines are much more controllable. Thus, if a business wants to mirror fixed line and mobile line callers to their inbound number, It cannot be done by direct routing.

Normal issue numbers are the rest of the 1300 Numbers out there that aren’t considered as smart as their cousins. You get these numbers through telecommunications providers who specialise in business services.

My services are always the best available on the market and I have full confidence in them, and that they are the best solution for the caller.

Publicly Available Numbers: These are generic numbers issued by the Australian Communications and Media Authority. You can get yours through a telecommunication provider. However, keep in mind that the number you get will consist of 6 random numbers aside from 1300.

There are two types of 1300 numbers that you can associate with your business, depending upon your preference and the nature of your business. These two types are named as: 1. Smart numbers and 2. Normal Issue numbers.

Prospects call the 1300 telephone number to inquire about a company’s product or service from here: